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Fletcher Dean

I'm an award-winning speechwriter, author, and executive communications strategist experienced in helping CEOs and senior leaders improve their credibility, reputation and business results. I develop speaking strategies, message platforms, and speeches that drive organizational goals.


For nearly a quarter of a century, I've worked with Fortune 50-level executives and not-for-profit leaders to protect and enhance their reputations.


I'm the author of 10 Steps to Writing a Vital Speech and a founding member and advisory board member for the Professional Speechwriters Association (PSA). I'm also Director of the PSA’s Speechwriting School and a judge for the Cicero Awards which annually recognize the world's best speeches.

Clients have included EarthEcho International, Sodexho, National University, LA WeightLoss, VisionIT, Wayne County (Mich.) and the Hearst Corporation.

My speeches have been republished in Vital Speeches of the Day 23 times and I've won the four Gold Cicero Awards, including the Grand Prize for Best Speech of the Year.

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