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This is what I do ...

Executive Comms

It's one thing to give a speech ... but do you have a plan - a real, strategic plan - to follow up that speech and leverage it. 

After all, you put a lot of work into fine-tuning the message ... why not expand that into a formal program that can take that one speech and turn it into a campaign?

From finding the right audiences and the right podiums to crafting a complimentary social media and traditional media campaign ... from developing question-and-answer responses to developing and placing an op-ed piece ... this is what I do.

I'm an award-winning speechwriter, author, teacher and executive communications strategist.


I love to teach. It's that simple.


Whether it's one-on-one, a single speaking engagement at a conference, or directing The Speechwriting School for The Professional Speechwriters Association, I get immense pleasure from helping others learn the art of speechwriting and executive communications.

I base most of my teaching on my book, !0 Steps to Writing a Vital Speech, which focuses on getting the fundamentals right before you start on the finer points. 

Need a training session? Contact me and let's talk. I love to teach.


"Just say a few words," the conference organizer says. 

It's never that easy, is it? 

That's why I'm here. To help distill your story - your own personal message - down to a speech they'll always remember. 

Commencement speeches. Investor speeches. Ground-breaking ceremonies and employee talks. Business conferences and even Congressional testimony. I've written them all at some point.

I can write the entire speech ... edit a speech draft ... or work with your communications staff to deliver the best product for you.

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